Policy and Management Consulting Group is an international development consulting company using international and local expertise to deliver successful results across the globe. The ambitious PMCG cooperate with governments, businesses and international organizations to work dynamically in the fields of policy advising, social economic reforms, management consulting, infrastructure development, capacity building and institutional development.


PMCG has a proven track record of achievement in transitional and developing economies and practical experience of implementing development projects in such regions and countries. With a committed, professional, multi-national and multi-lingual team, the results-oriented PMCG work diligently to realize the goals and build the capacity of its valued partners.

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David Baladze -Minister of Finance and Economy of GoARA 

"PMCG have implemented a project supported by USAID: Institutional Capacity Building Program Budgeting of GoARA (Government of Autonomous Republic of Ajara). As part of the project, PMCG experts developed a medium-term action plan for 


Mariam Skhiladze, Head of Press and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Justice 

It is an honor for us to cooperate with a team of professionals like that of PMCG. The communications team of the Ministry still maintains active contact with PMCG's consultants for help and advice. …


Natia Sirabidze, Head of Media and Public Relations Department of the Government of Autonomous Republic of Ajara 

"Any document created within the framework of a project implemented with PMCG, is exemplary and worthy for any structure…


Hennie Maters, Former PFM Advisor to the MoF of Georgia 

I highly value the expertise of PMCG in the field of Public Finance Management…


Koba Khubunaia, Head of Finance Department, MRA of Georgia: 

PMCG implemented technical assistant project to improve the overall finance management system.  Later on we provided financing from other sources to involve PMCG in 2 additional projects for further capacity building of our Department. 


Jacob Benus, IMPAQ International (USA): 

We appreciate the experience of working with such a competent local contractor and would commend PMCG’s services to international organizations working in Georgia or the region.  


Malcolm Gibb, Endelea Consulting (the UK): 

“I have worked with PMCG for several years and I have found everyone, at all times, to be professional, fully competent within their individual skill sets, and prepared to work both as long and as hard as it takes to deliver."


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