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Migration Management

Publication puts a special focus on the detailed description of the corporate system for migration management and its significance in coping with modern challenges. Keeping that in mind, the current and future processes of governance related reforms at a global, regional and national level are seen in the context of this very system and respectively discussed from the global politics to the micromanagement. Each level is considered separately while evaluating international mechanisms and Georgian model.

Monthly Tourism Update (February, 2020)

In February 2020 compared to February 2019, International visitor trips decreased by 0.6%, among them, the number of tourists increased by 4%, on January 29th, Georgia suspended direct flights from China due to COVID-19, as a result, in February 2020, number of visitors from China decreased by 59.5% compared to February 2019

Fiscal Monitor

Publication by International Monetary Fund assesses Georgia’s progress in fighting corruption: “Georgia and Rwanda have shown the largest improvements on the Control of Corruption Index since 1996. Both countries have made wide-ranging efforts to overcome a pervasive culture of corruption within a relatively short period. While challenges remain, both countries have achieved remarkable improvements relative to pre-reform periods”.

PMCG Contributes to Enhance Access to Water for Over 17,000 Customers in 18 Georgian Towns

“We are pleased that we have supervised mobilization, construction and rehabilitation processes of water supply systems successfully. As a result, up to 17,640 customers in 18 towns of Georgia will have better access to water and wastewater services,” said Zviad Kharebava, Business Sector Consulting Director at PMCG.

“Responsible Employer” Award Given to PMCG at Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards Meliora 2018

“It’s both a responsibility and a source of motivation for us to continue to refine the program, which is oriented toward the professional growth and development of our team,” said Mariam Gogoladze, Human Resources Manager at PMCG.

South Caucasus Gender Assessment Technical Assistance Report: Value Chain Selection – Georgia

The objective of the report is to improve female entrepreneurs' market access and competitiveness by assessing constraints to the participation of women in a priority value chain and particularly in the higher value-added segments of that particular chain. The report was prepared by PMCG as part of the World Bank’s South Caucasus Gender Program.


Our Geography

Since the very foundation, in 2007 PMCG delivers expert knowledge and valuable assets internationally.

Our team has lead the projects in East Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Afghanistan, Caucasus and Central Asia and Africa in doing business environment reform, economic reform, public finance management, good governance and transparency.

PMCG is a reliable partner for international organizations like: USAID, EU, The World Bank Group, United Nations Development Program, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Japan International Cooperation Agency, International Monetary Fund, International Executive Service Corps and etc. in the process of international projects implementation.


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