PMCG recognizes that the economic development of any country requires well-functioning and efficient road networks and transport systems. We collaborate with international organizations and Georgian authorities to construct new and rehabilitate existing roads and highways and ensure the provision of better public transport services to customers. We support the construction of international E-60 highway by preparing detailed design for roads connecting Georgia to Azerbaijan and Armenia, in addition, we elaborate the road projects of municipal importance.

We work with public transport authorities to increase the quality, reliability and safety of public transportation through corporate development assistance, environmental management, encouraging the involvement of women and vulnerable groups and supporting financial sustainability of transport operators.

PMCG covers following areas under Transport and Highway sector:

  • Preliminary and detailed designs for highways, secondary and access roads
  • Feasibility studies for road infrastructure
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Resettlement Action Plan
  • Traffic safety
  • Construction supervision
  • Corporate Development support for public transport operators
  • Public Service Agreements
  • Gender inclusion and advisory services
  • Management Information Systems
  • Environmental and Social Management Plans and Systems