Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

Good governance exercised through strong and accountable public institutions, along with the rule of law based on principles of respect for human rights and civil liberties, constitutes the foundation for any economically stable and developed state. Effective public administration based on evidence-based policy-making and a citizen-centric civil service is the cornerstone of such development and we provide practical assistance to governments in various countries to help them to achieve tangible results in this respect.

By empowering civil society and increasing its participation in policy-making and implementation, we strive to strengthen the transparency and accountability of public institutions. Effective civil oversight entails active engagement of democratic institutions, governments, civil society, and the media. We work also with parliaments to enhance evidence-based law making and their oversight function.

We believe that decentralization and the enhancement of the capacities of local governments is a key factor in the sustainable development of countries and regions. Thus, we assist municipalities in Eastern Partnership countries to become drivers of economic growth, while simultaneously supporting public participation in decision-making at the local level to further improve transparency, accountability, and ultimately the effectiveness of local governments.

Public safety, peace, and security are vital components in the building of a resilient state. At the same time, in an era of hybrid threats, governments’ strategic communications are gaining more and more importance. To respond to the emerging challenges, we advise governments about effective tools of strategic communication, while more specifically we are providing assistance to the Ministry of Interior and the State Prosecution Service of Georgia in criminal justice reform.

To yield significant results, our approach involves developing a meaningful partnership with all beneficiaries and applying the concept of “co-design” during project implementation to generate ownership among beneficiaries. We focus on practical advice and the development of necessary capacities for partner institutions. Moreover, we build upon achieved results and apply best international practices to deliver progress.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Policy development frameworks and coordination;
  • Public service delivery;
  • Accountability, anticorruption, and transparency;
  • Local self-government / decentralization;
  • Regional development policy;
  • Public safety and security;
  • Public administration;
  • Civil service reform;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Strategic communication;
  • Civil oversight;
  • CSO development;
  • Parliamentary oversight; and
  • Rule of law.