Monitoring and Evaluation

When looking to improve accountability, decision making and program development, Monitoring and Evaluation tools are extremely important. They involve an assessment of the appropriateness, efficiency and effectiveness of a given project/program. Monitoring and Evaluation serves as a guide for project implementation and management, it provides stakeholders with information on the progress being made toward the achievement of objectives and any remaining disparity between targets and actual achievements. This important method identifies where a program is heading, how it will get there, and whether it is using resources in the most cost-effective manner.

Using the project evaluation, we identify what is positively and/or negatively influencing target groups, individual households, institutions and the overall environment. It allows us to better understand to what extent the project results have been achieved and what impacts they have had in general, and on the target group in particular.

We cover the following services:

  • Program Monitoring
  • Program Evaluation
  • Data Quality Review