Our Values


Delivering progress for a better future.


We support governments, the private sector, as well as international and civil institutions, by delivering simple, comprehensive and progressive services tailored to their needs, focusing primarily on economic development, freedom and prosperity. By combining our vast experience and knowledge, both globally and locally, we steer our clients toward achieving greater success. 



  • Liberty
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Progress
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Intellectual property


The principles we work by



  • Be true to clients
  • Serving clients’ best interests
  • Delivering comprehensive and high quality services
  • Performing services in a punctual and time-effective manner
  • Being adaptable and flexible to changing environments



  • Being a reliable partner 
  • Respecting and protecting partners’ interests in all cases 
  • Keeping complete and accurate records 
  • Keeping partners informed on relevant developments

Staff and Consultants/Experts 

  • Respecting professionalism 
  • Ensuring nondiscriminatory and equal opportunity recruitment 
  • Providing a pleasant and harassment-free working environment 
  • Enabling self-development 
  • Caring for every team member 
  • Working together as a team to achieve goals 
  • Being open to talk about problems and challenges
  • Promoting freedom for creativity and innovation at work 
  • Sharing global experience and educating each other 
  • Encouraging all staff to take responsibility, make decisions and become leaders in their work 
  • Promoting individual professional development 
  • Nurturing new leaders 
  • Ensuring transparency in performance and overcoming all challenges together


  • Serving the best interests of beneficiaries 
  • Providing comprehensive and objective advice 
  • Delivering progress 
  • Respecting and protecting confidentiality


  • Promoting and enhancing individual freedom, values and prosperity 
  • Improving the welfare and wellbeing of society 
  • Facilitating development of public services and infrastructure

Business environment 

  • Acting honorably in all business situations 
  • Supporting fair competition 
  • Respecting our competitors and their intellectual property


  • Fully adhering to all laws and regulations of clients and relevant countries 
  • Strictly following internal quality standards