Issue 110: Foreign Direct Investments in Georgia (2014 - 2018)
Apr, 2019

Analysis of FDI into Georgia for 2014-2018 revealed the following general findings:

  • In 2018, the financial, transport and communications, and energy sectors attracted the most FDI;
  • In 2018, Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands were the countries investing most in Georgia;
  • Based on the cumulative amounts of FDI for the past five years, transport and communications (28.4%) is the most attractive sector for FDI in Georgia, while the agricultural sector is the least attractive (0.8%);
  • Based on the cumulative amounts, countries investing most in Georgia are: Azerbaijan, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Turkey and USA.
  • The shares of FDI from China and the EU in the total FDI into Georgia have been increasing since 2017;
  • During 2017-2018, the share of reinvestments in the total FDI into Georgia increased, while the shares of equity and debt instruments decreased.